The Texas Partnership for Out of School Time (TXPOST) is a statewide network of nonprofit, public and private sector partners dedicated to increasing the quality and availability of out of school time (OST) opportunities for Texas youth.

To serve this mission, TXPOST is the leader of statewide efforts to:

  • develop a structure to support statewide, regional and local partnerships;
  • support the development and implementation of statewide policies that will secure the necessary resources to sustain new and existing OST programs and;
  • support statewide systems aimed at ensuring that all OST programs are high quality.

Founded in 2010 by a collaboration of public and private organizations, TXPOST is the 40th statewide network funded by the C.S. Mott Foundation to pursue the development of statewide OST systems that will serve youth, families, and communities across the state. In just two years TXPOST has become the statewide OST advocacy and policy leader thanks to the contributions of statewide OST experts and advocates, and to the support of the Mott Foundation’s nation-wide network of state OST advocates. For more information about the history of TXPOST, click here.

TXPOST is currently focused on three mission-critical activities:

  • Engaging current partners and building relationships with new partners to support the work of local communities, Regional OST Networks, and statewide organizations serving Texas children and youth in the hours outside of school;
  • Activating a growing network of advocates from across the state to educate Texas legislators about the impact of high-quality out of school time programs and promote the passage of legislation calling for the establishment of a statewide Expanded Learning Opportunities Council and;
  • Coordinate the launch and activities of a statewide Work Group to develop voluntary OST progarm quality standards for Texas using local, statewide, and national resources.

Visit the Get Involved page to become a TXPOST Supporter or Partner, and to identify additional opportunities to get involved.