STEM Resources

STEM programming is essential to developing a strong Texas workforce. We have compiled a few of the many resources available on developing and funding STEM activities. For additional information, we encourage you to subscribe to our e-newsletter which often features additional resources and funding opportunities.

General STEM Resources

STEM Connector: Offers a national directory including a section on afterschool programs.

The STEM Mentoring Toolkit: A manual to help programs and organizations engage, train, and sustain STEM volunteer and mentor relationships with STEM professionals.

Informal Science: An online community of projects, evaluation, and research opportunities.

STEM Afterschool: How to Design and Run Great Programs and Activities: This guide is rich in resources, templates and implementation guidance for OST programs.

Click2Science: Dedicated to Out of School time providers and includes resources for planning STEM projects and developing skills

Spark 101: A website which provides free case studies with industry professionals to enhance STEM learning and skill development A website full of free math and science activities for ages Pre-K through adults.

STEM-Works: Activities and more, designed for STEM volunteers who may need assistance in planning an activity for out of school time or the classroom.

Camp Invention: A summer STEM program focused on creativity, innovation, real-world problem solving and the spirit of invention.

Informal Science Education Association of Texas: ISEA put out a

STEM System Building

STEM Pathways Report: Finding from Chicago: Notes and research from a systems approach to STEM engagement in OST

The Noyce Foundation: Support for development of OST systems supporting STEM

Defining Youth Outcomes in Afterschool STEM: A set of common outcomes can assist individual providers in communicating and collaborating.

How Cross-Sector Collaborations are Advancing STEM Learning: A paper commissioned by the Noyce Foundation, the paper seeks to define emerging STEM ecosystems, including an in-depth look at one Texas program, Girlstart.

STEM Funding Opportunities

Afterschool Alliance: STEM Funding Brief: This paper provides an overview of federal funding as well as strategies to obtain local or private funding.

STEMfinity: This website offers a constantly updated list of possible grant opportunities for STEM programs across Texas.


If you’re looking for a place where students, teachers, and parents can be around creative minds, and receive hands-on experience with various tools and STEM projects, check out a Makerspace near you.

If you or someone you know has a Makerspace not shown on this map, please feel free to contact Troy Sanders at with more information. Please feel free to contact Troy with any questions regarding Makerspaces as well!