Funding Afterschool and Summer Programs

The Texas Out of School Time Fiscal Analysis. TXPOST, 2013. This report finds that dedicated federal and state funding streams supporting out of school time programs for Texas youth are limited and impact is difficult to measure due to inaccessibility of data. Also check out the Fiscal Analysis Summary for a brief overview of the report.

The Cost of Quality Out-of-School-Time Programs. The Wallace Foundation, 2009. This report examines the cost of high-quality OST programming through a detailed fiscal analysis of more than 100 programs. Also check out the OST Cost Calculator that was developed using the report’s findings.
Tough Times, Tough Choices in After-school Funding: Pathways to Protecting Quality. Rand Corporation, commissioned by The Wallace Foundation, 2012. This working paper examines budget cuts to afterschool programs and the decision-making process of government officials toward quantity vs. quality in OST programs.
Making Smart Investments in Afteschool: A Policy Primer for State and Local Leaders. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, 2006. This report serves as a great introduction to federal and state-level funding sources for OST. This report also highlights a coordinated approach to funding OST through interagency systems building.
Afterschool and Working Families in Wake of the Great Recession. Afterschool Alliance, 2011. This issue brief from the Afterschool Alliance outlines the problems facing afterschool programs and the families who depend upon them.
The Finance Project. This nonprofit research firm is a valuable resource for learning more about OST funding streams and sustainability issues.