*Read the 2016-17 Statewide Strategic Plan for Expanded Learning Opportunities*

In the 83rd Texas Legislative Session, TXPOST worked to pass Senate Bill 503 which established an Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) Council.

The ELO Council is charged with:

  • Analyzing current research on best practices and other issues related to Expanded Learning Opportunities;
  • Analyzing the availability of, and unmet needs for, state and local Expanded Learning Opportunities;
  • Analyzing opportunities to create incentives for employers and businesses to support Expanded Learning Opportunities;
  • Analyzing opportunities to maximize charitable support for public and private partnerships to bolster Expanded Learning Opportunities; and
  • Analyzing opportunities to promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in Expanded Learning Opportunities.

You can view TXPOST’s summary of the ELO Council here, and a list of members of the Council here.

Since its creation, the ELO Council has held three in-person meetings and numerous conference calls and webinars to discuss the priorities they will address in their recommendations to the Texas Governor and State Legislature.

TXPOST is playing a supporting role to the Council by providing research, contacts, and other resources to aid Council members in the development of their recommendations. To stay up to date on the Council’s progress toward making recommendations to the governor and legislature, be sure to sign up for TXPOST’s email updates.